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Fall/Winter Bonsai Care Tips

  • Remove old wire before it cuts into the bark
  • Check carefully for insects hiding in trees, spray accordingly
  • Make sure your bonsai are free from fungus such as rust or mildew
  • Watch out for leaf scorch on Maples-move them into more filtered light
  • Remember many of your trees are setting buds for next year such as Azalea, Camellia and Wisteria; do not prune these trees now.
  • Finish pruning juniper and other conifers, so they look their best in the fall
  • Line up big wiring projects for this coming winter
  • Still a good opportunity to repot and prune tropical bonsai.
  • Weed all pots
  • Brush and clean bark, trunk, and roots that have mineral deposits and blemishes
  • Rotate trees on benches to receive more light on back sides
  • Pull up a chair, relax, enjoy all of your trees and your hard work