Masterpiece & Specimen Bonsai

These trees represent the best we have to offer. Many of these specimens are long time inhabitants of our nursery. We have enjoyed watching them grow and mature into the fine trees that you now see. Most of these masterpiece bonsai are of historical importance being started by the original first generation Japanese American bonsai masters on the west coast during the 1950's. We have worked and re-worked these trees over the past quarter century keeping the integrity and spirit of the original artists in mind.
This large heavy planting was created during our 1989 open house. We all had our hands in creating this Dan, David , Suthin and me. It's planted on a piece of New England Field Stone. Its hard to believe we made this over 25 years ago
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This tree was created and won during the 2012 Rochester National Expo.
A beautiful and powerful American Masterpiece
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A great addition to the Bonsai West Collection. Originally acquired from Mr Marata it has been in a private collectionfor the past 15 years and now back in our nursery. Look at its trunk!
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From the Jim Smith collection. One of his early pieces.This large Bonsai is perfect for an atrium or corporate greenhouse- Its a little too large for the average home
Nice old planting originally acquired in California from one of the old timers
This exposed root style Black Pine was originally imported from Korea. Its an archaic form that seems to be under represented in contemporary bonsai. Originally styled by Colin Lewis in our 25th anniversary demonstration, I just finished rewiring it for its third time this week.
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Cascading Black Pine styled by Michael Levin circa 1950
My oldest and most favorite Mr Hatanaka Black Pine-This was one of his early pieces and I have owned this tree since the mid 1980's. I have pictures of it when the long sweeping lower branch was horizontal when it was a much younger tree.
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Old Bonsai created from Nursery Stock-This was an original stock plant acquired from an old dutch propagation nursery in New Jersey. One of my mascot trees.
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An old  Specimen from The Nagatoshi Bonsai Nursery in Sylmar Ca. I've always enjoyed this natural style in bonsai.
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A very unusual tree. Best guess is some dwarf form of Blauii Juniper. Originally from Ed Oshiro of Prunedale California-A perfect addition.
Old collected specimen
Great addition to any collection.Was exhibited in Epcot and originally grown by Jason Schley in Florida, He did an excellent job styling and carving this specimen
This ancient collected piece was styled by Mr Kimura of japan during the Atlanta convention in the mid 1990's. The tree was originally collected by Andy Smith and won by Sara Rayner during the raffle-Its now in one of her pots-This is truyl an iconic American masterpiece.
Arizona Henry Haros collection. High desert circa 1960's
Another great Hatanaka Prostrata Juniper. I've had this tree since the mid 1980's and I think it is one of my best.  I've keep it in its original traditional style. circa 1950
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Hatanaka masterpiece
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This is one of the smaller prostrata juniper from our collection-Originally grown in California and has great movement trunk caliper-
This Prostrata Juniper  is a raft style bonsai. originally styled by Mr and Mrs. Hatanaka. It was photographed in the 1975 Bonsai in California magazine put out by the California Bonsai society. It was about 25 years old then-Who would have ever imagined then that I would have owned this tree now for another 25 years.
I guess a  half century really isn't that long.
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An extremely powerful piece. This Hatanaka Juniper was one of the last trees i purchased from him before he retired in the late 1990's. He had told me it was one of the first trees he had made and it was always in his private collection. I am honored to have it in the Bonsai West collection
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Original Hatanaka Prostrata circa 1950
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Part of the old Arizona desert collection circa 1965
One of my early Hatanaka Juniper
Henry Haros of Arizona. Old untamed wild specimen. ready to be tackled,or wrestled to the ground
A Hatanaka Classic. Long sweeping lower branch. This tree was the demo tree in one of water Palls earlier visits to the states.You could see his signature carving. Walter always loved the Junipers found in this country
Henry Haros original, grown from a one gallon nursery container. Aged in the intense desert sun and cold. This specimen is waiting to have a new home. circa 1960's
Styled by Guy Guidry and grown from a young tree from Henry Haros this specimen boasts the best of many worlds. I am looking forward to transplanting it into a Sara Ryner semi cascade pot this spring
This  Pyracantha was originally from the Hatanaka collection.  It is well over 50 years old and an unusual piece, both for its age and lineage. The Hatanaka's were well known for their  Juniper and Black Pine but it is a rarity to have a specimen such as this grown in this country. Exhibited in the 2012 Rochester national exposition
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11 tree specimen Redwood grove.
One of the first original Bonsai to be imported into this country in the 1930's by San Gabriel Nursery. This tree has been in mr Ishi hari's collection for years and worked on by Richard Ota when he was a young bonsai Artist. part of the Bonsai west collection. Most recently Michael Levin and Rodney Clemons pruned and repotted during a recent Bonsai West open house event.
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Great old hard to find Scots
Rescued from the national convention auction in Rochester this beauty will be a show piece for sure. It is my next majoe project. Look at the roots- Fun!
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One Of my early Kishu shimpaku from Mr Ishii of Chigugo-en Bonsai in Southern California. This Shimpaku was grafted on San Jose  over 30 years ago
This old shimpaku has been in the Bonsai West collection for over 20 years and was originally acquired from  Mr Hatanaka. This tree was started from a seedling in the 1950's and is one of the oldest examples of Shimpaku juniper grown on its own wood in this country
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This is a beautiful shimpaku originally purchased from one of the original first generation Japanese American bonsai artists on the west coast. It is a grafted Kishu shimpaku on san jose juniper and has been in in the Bonsai West Collection since the early 1980's
This old specimen was originally purchased from Mr Ishii in 1984.This tree is a masterfully grafted kishu Shimpaku. This was my first specimen bonsai after starting Bonsai West and I have maintained it in its original style.
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One of my Oldest Shimpaku Juniper in the Collection. This specimen tree was originally started by Mr. Hatanaka,  from a seedling during the early 1950's. It is unusual to see such old juniper in this country grown on their own wood and not grafted.
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One of the oldest Kishu Shimpaku in the country. Mr Hatanaka started this tree in the 1950's from a seedling and it has been in perpetual cultivation for the past 60 years.  I've maintained it in its natural style and it has impressive dead wood and sinuous movement in the trunk.
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Collected in the high the Mountains of California this 400 year old Bonsai was grafted by Mr Hatanaka, It is Shimpaku Juniper on California Juniper. The dead wood is all natural and the bark is a beautiful red. Presented in Rochester in 2009 at the first National exposition.
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One of the old classic junipers grown in southern California back in the early 1960's.
Great size for small tree lovers.
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collected Sierra Juniper
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Mr Hatanaka Silverberry circa 1950
Hatanaka Masterpiece,on exhibit 2008 national convention circa 1955
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What a great find. Originally grown in California and a one-of-a-kind Bonsai
old import part of the Bonsai West collection since 1997