Old friends new homes

Sold Trees, old friends ,good memories
This magnificent forest planting has been a staple of the Bonsai West collection for many years-It's a large specimen and has just recently been sold-I will miss it dearly
Not for sale
Old Hatanaka Eugenia-Sold 3 years ago but still being tended at our nursery
Not for sale
I've always loved this tree, originally grown by California Bonsai artist Shig Mia. The ancient feel with the hollowed trunk and excellent natural dead wood- which is a great contrast to the bright green Hollywood foliage. Guy Guidry wired it in 1995 and I have just rewired it last year . It fell off its bench during a storm in 2011 and you could see from the most recent picture we are repairing a new apex
Not for sale
This is one of my favorite trees in the collection. Mrs Hatanaka was one of the few Bonsai women practicing the Art during the early 1960's in this country. Her signature style is that her most all of her trees are wider then tall. Many visiting European artists including Colin Lewis are bothered by the extended branch and have recommended shortening it or even removing it-That would be a huge mistake in my opinion . I was pleased to have it on exhibit in the 2010 National Exposition
Not for sale
Old Prostrata from Mr Hatanaka's private collection. This tree has recently been re-styled by Kenji Miyata . Its an extremely powerful specimen.
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