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David Easterbrook
Saturday, June 3


Spring at Bonsai West:Bonsai West


Hello Everyone,

Well Spring is finally here, and I hope you are excited as much as we are for a healthy and active bonsai season.

I just arrived back into town with the largest shipment of tropical indoor bonsai stock plants ever seen at Bonsai West. Better than the old days!! I've been hunting trees in Florida back yard nurseries over the past 3 months and finally assembled all of these trees to arrive just in time for our open house.

You will be most surprised by the amount of Brazilian rain trees, Green Island ficus, Portulacaria, Bald cypress, Buddhist pines, and hundreds if not thousands of beautiful specimen stock plants. Get them first before we have time to pot them up for our own collection.

In addition check out our new shipment of Shimpaku juniper.

The angle of the sun has changed enough to create a warm, moist tropical environment, with temperatures in the greenhouse often getting up into the 90’s! We have been fertilizing and pruning all of our tropical/indoor bonsai and beginning to transplant our hardy outdoor trees.

As bonsai growers it is more important for us to be in tune with the colder averages than to be mesmerized by these early sunny days. We already have people calling asking 'when do we put our trees outside?' The simple answer is “perhaps not yet” - but that can change any day now. We suggest you wait until night time temperatures stay above 50 degrees.

This is still a great time to get projects done before summer comes. Because our greenhouses provide extra warmth and sun we get chores done much earlier than you would at home. We have been extra busy this year because of the warmer weather. Still, the list of “to-do” projects for us seems endless. Here is just a partial list: Transplanting cold hardy bonsai, wiring specimen trees, re-potting specimen tropical bonsai, detail-pruning of deciduous trees, weeding, removing blemished leaves on tropical trees, potting young stock plants into larger pots, fertilizing, spraying for insects and fungus, - and this doesn't include the work needed to keep the store open, including helping customers and teaching classes, and the dreaded behind-the-scenes office work (dreaded by those of us who hate sitting at a desk indoors!)

Bonsai West

This is the time of year that tropical indoor bonsai are showing signs of new spring growth. It's time to start fertilizing and making sure they are placed in sunny warm windows. You may also notice a slight increase in the amount of water they drink. The best advice for watering is still dunking your bonsai completely to allow water to penetrate deep into the root ball. The number-one cause of die-back on bonsai is having dry pockets of soil in the roots.

Its also time for you to start planning re-potting projects, especially indoor trees that you have been waiting to work on while the days were still cooler. If you are like me you will be eager to get your hands on your trees as soon as possible.

Our class schedule this year is filling very quickly and our new offerings have been very successful. Check out “The Workshop” as an opportunity to get some of your individual projects completed in a small focused environment.

Tips for the month: