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We're passionate about Bonsai, and it shows!

Bonsai West has the most extensive collection of specimen Bonsai outside of Japan, featuring the work of American Bonsai artists as well as trees styled by artists in Japan, Korea, and China.

Bonsai West has become a destination for bonsai lovers from throughout the world. You can take our online tour to give you a first impression, but why not come out and visit us yourselves: you'll find it well worth your while.

Bsmall starter bonsai at Bonsai Westonsai for everyone: not just the collector!
At Bonsai West, you'll find thousands of finished bonsai as well as stock plants for creating your own bonsai (or even to use as great landscaping material) in every price range.tropical starter bonsai at Bonsai West

Beginner trees start at as little as $25 and go up from there.

We carry a huge selection of starter or pre-bonsai material, as well as a complete line of tools, thousands of pots (including handcrafted and antique containers), soil mixes, fertilizers, books and anything else that you might need for your hobby.

We specialize in both indoor and outdoor bonsai.
Most of our trees for sale during this time of year are well suited for growing indoors. We encourage our customers to buy the tree they love and then learn how to take care of it.
Bonsai isn’t difficult if you learn the basics early on!
Our Greenhouses
are open year round, and our tropical Bonsai thrive even in a New England winter.

class at Bonsai WestOur exciting Classes are geared toward teaching beginners to become proficient in the art - but if you are looking for the next step in your hobby, we're sure to have a workshop or master class just for you!
For over 25 years, we have been entirely committed to teaching the art of Bonsai and making sure that our customers and friends get all the help they need in furthering their hobby.
Several times a year, we bring in recognized artists to lecture and give master classes. Our "Introduction to..." classes are a revolutionary concept in teaching and learning the hobby.First Snow '07 at Bonsai West

Our Outdoor Garden is open April through November(take a tour!)and is the showcase for our famous collection of specimen bonsai on display.
Many of these trees come from famous bonsai artists from around the world and several of our trees are over 100 years old.

Our Services include pruning, transplanting, babysitting while you're on vacation, winter boarding as well as a bonsai hospital.
Possibly the most valuable service we offer is sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm.

Our Staff consists of Phil Hobkirk, Roger Huebner, Adam Berman, and Michael Levin.
All of us are available to answer your questions or concerns at any time.
We all love our trees and love teaching so questions get answered in a simple demystified manner.

Michael Levin, Bonsai West Michael Levin is our founder and proprietor.
Since 1982 Michael has worked to build a place that attracts Bonsai lovers and plant people from around the world. Bonsai West is a magical place for sure... Whether it is the garden, the staff, volunteers, interesting customers, or the Bonsai themselves, everyone who visits our nursery feels the power of the trees and that certain beauty that is unique and hard to find in our commercial world.
Michael thinks of himself more as a conductor than a performer and Bonsai West's success comes from a great union of effort and commitment.
Phil Hobkirk Phil Hobkirk has been involved with Bonsai West for almost 20 years. We still remember Phil as a gifted 9-year-old student attending all of our events with his dad.
Phil first started working here after high school during his summer breaks from U Mass Amherst were he received his degree in Horticulture. Over the past 2 years Phil has become invaluable to the Bonsai West team. You will see him doing everything: from creating Bonsai, teaching classes, to taking customers around the nursery explaining the history and care of our amazing trees.
Phil's enthusiasm and knowledge of Bonsai is immediately apparent whether you are studying with him in a lesson or just asking the simplest of questions.
Roger Huebner Roger Huebner has been part of the Bonsai West team since 1995. Roger has been involved in the plant and retail industry for most of his working career, and so many of the beautiful displays around the nursery are projects that Roger has created. he is usually the first person you see when you walk in the front door,and his smile and happy greeting has become his trademark. Despite how busy we often are around the nursery, Roger like a perfect host always makes time to ensure everyone has a great Bonsai West experience
Adam Berman Adam Berman is our bookkeeper and our biggest fan. He is usually behind the scenes in the office but you can always meet him at our spring and fall open houses when he doubles as our food caterer.

We're located on two acres of New England farmland, in Littleton, Mass, right on Route 2A.
A 300-year-old farm house overlooks our outdoor bonsai garden and gallery, our five greenhouses and teaching/demonstration areas.

We're always happy to answer your questions and help you in any way we can!

Contact us by email or call us at 978-486-3556 - and don't forget to join our Mailing List to hear news of upcoming events or sales!

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