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Tree-sitting and Boarding:

Going away? Or do you feel that your tree could benefit from a few weeks in a greenhouse during those dark winter months? Bring your Bonsai in, and we'll look after it for you, so you can be sure it gets the best possible care.

$5.00/week for trees under 18"
$7.50/week for trees between 18" and 24"
$10.00/week for trees over 24"

Hospital Services:

If your Bonsai doesn't seem to be thriving, revitalize it with the Bonsai West Cure!
The basic service includes a one-month stay in our greenhouse.
NOTE: Because of the isolation and special handling required to treat insect-infested trees, we reserve the right to refuse services.
Rates start at $30.00
Boarding fees of $5.00 per week apply for extended care.
Larger trees:
$7.50/wk to $10.00/wk (see schedule under Tree Boarding above)

Pruning and Styling:



Size of tree is measured from the top of the pot at its widest or tallest section

Trees up to 18":
$40.00 (includes one month boarding; $5.00/wk after one month)

Trees 18" - 24":
$60.00 (includes one month boarding; $7.50/wk after one mont)

Trees over 24":
$85.00 (includes one month boarding; $10.00/wk after one month)


Insect Treatment:

$25.00 per treatment

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WINTER BOARDING     (rates include: fertilizing, weeding, dormant spray and, of course, watering)

Winter is the most difficult time for most trees. Bring your Outdoor Bonsai to our nurseries anytime from Late October to mid-November. We'll take care of them in our temperature-controlled storage facilities through April.

Cold Hardy Trees (charges are for the entire season, November through April):

Medium/small trees: (up to 45 linear inches*)

$85.00 first tree
$45.00 each additional
repotting: $40.00

Larger trees: (up to 60 linear inches*)

$100.00 each
repotting: $60.00

Extra large specimens: (over 60 linear inches*)

$150.00 each
repotting: $90.00

Jumbo Trees:

$250.00 each
repotting: $150

Tropical Trees in our Heated Greenhouse

See regular tree-sitting and boarding rates above

* = tree's height from top of pot plus width at widest point

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